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8931F   Firewall

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Jordan Cantu 

Team Position: Co-Captain, coder, builder

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Ryan Stokes

Team Position: Co-Captain, coder, builder, notebooker, strategist

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Tristan Breckenridge 

Team Position:  Scout, builder

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Christian Carandang

Team Position: Notebooker, builder

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8931F xdrive
8931F intake

2021 Win/Loss Percentages


No Data


8931F Firewall was established in 2020, so they have no past tournament data or awards to reference. Their team bio is "Team 8931F Firewall is a first year team in the high school VRC competition but with past years VRC Competition experience and State Tournament Qualifications in the past 3 years. 8931F plans to again attend State and try to get to Worlds, as we want to become a great team example for there fellow teams."

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2021 Awards:



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