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8931R   Six Smart Ones


Grace Davis

Team Position: Online Challenges, community outreach

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Ethan Sewell  

Team Position: Driver, builder, coder

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Hanna Michalisin 

Team Position: Notebooker

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Ezekiel Ross 

Team Position: Coder

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Emma Cox

Team Position: Notebooker, scout

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Reilly Bowers 

Team Position: Builder

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This team does not currently have a functional robot.

The Six Smart Ones were established in 2019. Their team bio "Team 8931R is on its second year of high school VRC competition, having won two Judges awards, an Energy award, and a state tournament qualification in the 2019-2020 games. In the 2020-2021 year, 8931R plans to again attend State, as well as continuing their extensive volunteer work in the VEX IQ clubs in their community." To see their past awards and tournament data, click the VEX DB Button.

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2021 Win/Loss Percentages


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2020 Win/Loss Percentages


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