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Opportunities in STEM

This year has been chaotic and tough for countless reasons, but in order to make sure the student at Lake Stevens Robotics continue to learn and grow in STEM, opportunities like live interviews with people working in STEM fields have been created. Since club members can no longer benefit from working with volunteers from local professionals, Lake Stevens Robotics is turning virtual club meeting to their advantage, since it allows students to hear about and learn from the experiences of engineers from anywhere in the world.

Upcoming Interview with Matt Moser on Jan. 22, 2021

Matt Moser is an Associate Technical Fellow at Boeing. He will talk about autonomous flight and take questions. 

Upcoming Interview with Dan Radion on Jan. 7, 2021

Dan Radion currently works for Google as a Site Reliability Engineer in Zurich, Switzerland. Previous professional experience includes working as a Software Engineer for Google as well as for Analytics Media Group. 


Upcoming Interview with Justin Haynes on Dec. 10, 2020

Justin Haynes will be interviewing with Lake Stevens Robotics from off the coast of Guam in a nuclear submarine in the US Navy, where he is Lead of Electronic Warfare Operations. He was previously an Electronics Technician on the radios for the submarine. As a hobby, Mr. Haynes creates mascot suits.


Nick Blum

Nick Blum is works at SpaceX in CMM Programming and Metrology. 

Interview with Nick Blum on Nov. 24, 2020

Forest Gibson

Forest Gibson works at Pluto VR, a startup virtual reality company. 

Kam Yee

Kam Yee works at the REC Foundation. She led the interview and introduced Mr. Gibson.

Interview with Kam Yee and Forest Gibson on Oct. 15, 2020

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