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Club History

The Lake Stevens Robotics Club, located in Lake Stevens, WA was established in 2012. the team was originally called the CBots, or Colt Bots, after Cavelero Mid High's mascot. At the beginning of their third year, another group was added to their club, the VBots, which stands for Vikings, Lake Stevens High School's mascot. The Viking Colt Robotics program's goal is to teach and provide students with life skills such as communication skills, leadership skills, programming skills, and much more. 


The club's goal is getting students to become involved in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities. The VEX Robotics program successfully integrates all fields of STEM, including mechanical, electrical, electronics, control systems, and programming. The purpose of getting students involved in STEM is to allow them to succeed in high school and eventually in their career. "The Department of Commerce notes STEM field careers are some of the best-paying and have the greatest potential for job growth in the early 21st century." To learn more about STEM education in Washington State, visit WA STEM.


Lake Stevens Robotics has grown from just 12 members to over 100 members in the 2020 season, though the membership in 2021 has dropped due to COVID. In past seasons, the club's goal was to have more teams participate at the State tournament and in the RECF Online Challenges. This season, however, the club's biggest goal is to allow as many students to participate in as many aspects of the design and building process of their robot while staying socially distant and safe. 



Principal: Tim Haines

Established: 2007

Students: 1,286 (June 2019)

Teachers: 73

Grades: 8-9

Colors: Crimson & Gold

Mascot: Colts



Principal: Leslie Ivelia

Established: pre-1925

Students: 1,910 (June 2019)

Teachers: 93

Grades: 10-12

Colors: Purple & Gold

Mascot: Vikings

CTE Classes (CMHS-LSHS):

Digital Design

Internet Publishing

Personal Finance


Family Health

Child Development

Careers in Education

Culinary Arts

Living on Your Own

Food & Fitness

Digital Photography


Diversified Occupations

CTE Classes (CMHS-LSHS):

Principles of Engineering

Manufacturing Technology

Aerospace Engineering

Digital Electronics

Civil Engineering and Architecture

Bio Engineering


TV/ Video Production and Live Video Production

Business and Marketing

Computer Applications

Computer Science Principals

Introduction to Engineering Design

Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Engineering Design & Development

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