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Karen Coulombe

Teaching Since: 2001

Classes:  Computer Science

Background: Mrs. Coulombe has been teaching at Cavelero Mid High since 2014. She started coaching F.I.R.S.T. robotics for three years before she moved to Lake Stevens, but she now coaches for VEX robotics at Cavelero. She teaches Computer Science and helps many students find extracurriculars and opportunities for after high school graduation. She is a member of the Seafair Foundation Board of Directors and is a former member of the National STEM Guitar Project.

Fun Fact: She has worked on Air Force One and bred the first registered Akita dog in Thailand. 

Jeff Lynass

Teaching Since: 1995

Classes: Automation & Programming, Gateway to Technology

Background:  Mr. Lynass has been coaching the CBots and VBots since the clubs inception and helped organize our VEX IQ teams in Lake Stevens.  In 25 years in education, he's taught elementary school, 8th-grade science and currently teaches Automation and Robotics and Flight and Space classes at Cavelero.  He's done a TED-X talk on why competing in robotics is awesome.

Fun Fact: He climbed Mt. Rainier 4 times and made it to the top once, has traveled to 16 countries, and can juggle two rocks with one hand.  

Mike McGrath

Teaching Since: 2000

Class: Manufacturing Technology

Background: Mr. McGrath has been an advisor for robotics programs since 2012, and is a Master of Tournament Manager. He has a B.S. in Secondary Education from Western Washington  University and a Masters in Education from UW. He is also a certified instructor for the Robot C programming language from Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy, and has a STEM endorsement on his Washington Teacher Certificate.

Fun Fact: He owns a tractor.

Will Fredin

Teaching Since: 2001

Classes: Principles of Engineering, Introduction to Engineering Design

Background: Mr. Fredin has been an advisor for Viking Colt Robotics since it began in 2012. He has a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Utah State University, a Masters in Education from Antioch University, and CTE Certification from Eastern Washington University. In addition to teaching Principles of Engineering and Introduction to Engineering Design, he has taught Challenge Eighth Grade Science in the past. 

Fun Fact: He had a radio show for three years in Moab, Utah (KZMU)

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