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Latest video uploaded 1/23/2020

What's New in B131?

Check in often to see short videos- tips, interviews, and  more- from students, alumni, parent volunteers, and others. Want to see past videos? Visit here.
Short videos featuring interviews with alumi, administrators, and others involved in robotics
V-Bots     C-Bots
The Viking Colt Robotics Club, located in Lake Stevens, WA, consists of middle schoolers and high schoolers. Their club has two groups, the V-BOTS (8931) from Lake Stevens High School and the C-BOTS (7784) from Cavelero Mid-High. Both groups work together at Cavelero. The club has over 100 students and dozens of mentors and volunteers. They compete in VEX Robotics Competitions in Washington State and at VEX Worlds.
Winter Break
       League                      February 12, 4-5
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A heartfelt "thank you" to the staff members who gave up their time to coach and encourage us, the volunteers who spend long hours at competitions and helping at meetings, the parents who allowed their children to come, and our sponsors, who generously donated money to keep our club going.
And thank you to the students who participate and do their best!

2019-2020 C-BOT Statistics



Awards This Season: Excellence, 

Matches This Season: 48

Average Driver Skills High Score: 4.2

Average Programming Skills Score: 0.3

Average Robot Skills Score: 4.5

Average Rank Percentile: NA

Worlds Appearances: NA

2019-20120 V-BOT Statistics



Awards This Season: Design,

Matches This Season: 40

Average Driver Skills Score: 6.2

Average Programming Skills Score: 0.7

Average Robot Skills Score: 6.8

Average Rank Percentile: NA

Worlds Appearances: NA

The C-Bots team consists of eighth and ninth grade students, many of whom are participating in VEX EDR robotics for the first time. In their two years as C-Bots, they learn and improve their skills, preparing them to join the V-Bots team.

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