Hungry Hearts Foundation

During the season of Toss Up at the Cav Cup tournament, the C-Bots held a food drive and recommended that all teams should bring one can of food per team member. They raised hundreds of food items for the Hungry Hearts Foundation in their local community.


Rotary/Lions Club

At the local Rotary and Lions Club, robotics club members present their robots and a presentation of the club to the community. By showing the community what we do and why we compete in robotics, we can get the community to be involved and learn more about robotics.



Mr. Lynass spoke at the TEDx Event at the Edmonds Center for the Arts on the subject of competitive robotics and how it can change the lives of students. TEDxSnoIsleLibraries is an annual event in which speakers come together on a global stage to share ideas worth spreading. For more information click here.



Within their school, they are getting kids involved in engineering and robotics by encouraging students to take engineering classes and to participate in the robotics club. The students love to show their classmates all about their club, and how much fun robotics can be during club fairs.


For the past several seasons their club has hosted many VRC and VEXIQ tournaments. During the Starstruck season, they hosted the first annual Halloween Tournament, the first annual Lake Stevens VEXIQ Extravaganza, and the fourth annual Cavelero Cup tournament. During these competitions, they have students, parents, and staff volunteer by setting up the tournament, inspecting robots, queuing, judging, refereeing, announcing, and cleaning up.



Students also help by volunteering at the events of younger students, including a VEX IQ tournament- the VEX IQ Extravaganza- hosted at Cavelero for elementary and middle school competitors grades 3-8 in January 2019. Positions included referees, judges, tech support,  head judges and head referees, and various other positions throughout the competition. 

VEX IQ Extravaganza January 2019

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